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Jeune femme aux yeux bleus (Occi blue Lunia)


Date of Creation


Artistic Movement





Oil of Canvas




Signature on the top right



Catalogue Raisonné

Not on Ceroni's official catalogue, but it is mentioned on a Ceroni's book and on a letter of Mrs. Ceroni




€ 19.000.000


The destiny of Lunia intersects with that of Modigliani. A friendship blossoms, and the painter creates 14 portraits of her.
This painting was Lunia Czechowska's initial direct commission to Modigliani: she paid him very well, hence the thickness of the paint on the canvas, reflecting a certain ease in purchasing paints and brushes.
The fact that Modigliani added blue eyes to the portrait reflects the friendship he had for Lunia from the start.
After the war, Mrs. Czechowska-Choroszczo ran a small art gallery on Rue de Seine in Paris. She left her memories in Ambrogio Ceroni's book, "Amedeo Modigliani, Painter" (Milan, 1958).
She spent the last years of her life in a small apartment on Rue de France in Nice, in the Palais Marie-Christine.
In 1958, the painting arrived at Ambrogio Ceroni's "Il Millione" gallery for authentication, but due to the owner's decision and against Ceroni's advice, the painting was not included in Ceroni's catalogue raisonné for the 1960s.
No matter, in addition to the publication of Czechowska-Choroszczo's "memories," recounting the 14 portraits of Lunia including the famous "occi blue," Ceroni wrote a new catalogue in 1960 presented by Leone Piccioni titled "The Paintings of Modigliani," which features his most masterful paintings including Lunia's portrait, "Occi blue."
Before his death, Ceroni recorded the painting for its upcoming inclusion in the 1973 catalogue raisonné and added it to his "to be published" archives, a statement from Angela Ceroni attests to this, as well as the archives now held by the Legal Archives Institute Modigliani.
The sentiment that Modigliani had for Lunia is expressed in this painting through a pair of blue eyes, which was very rare for him.
Having been retrieved by Sborowski, the painting was owned by André Salmon and later auctioned by André Schoeler. It then belonged to the David and Garnier gallery, and later to the "Il Million" gallery in Milan, where Ambrogio Ceroni published the catalogue "AMEDO MODIGLIANI Memories of LUNIA CZECHOWSKA," recounting the history of this painting. The painting was then sold to a private individual in Turin, exhibited in 1996 at the Montparnasse Museum, and sold at that time to a private collection

Private Collection
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