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Updated: Sep 9, 2023

A villa with a timeless aesthetic in the midst of tropical nature. Smooth lines, large windows, low environmental impact, elegant furnishings and a living room that looks out onto the rainforest

Total fusion with nature

The mansion is characterized by a melange of influences: it is immersed in wild nature and features solid walls covered with porcelain stoneware, which contrast with two completely transparent sides with large windows that open towards the garden and the tropical forest. The palette of materials and colors was inspired by the surrounding natural environment

Boundaries between inside and outside removed

All spaces highlight the connection between indoors and outdoors and serve as an invitation to live al fresco. All the rooms of the house are equipped with full height windows. A water surface is the common thread between the entrance, the living area and the garden. On the first level are located the main entrance, a private study, the living room, the dining room, the bar, the wine cellar and the kitchen. The sliding glass doors of the kitchen provide access to the outdoor space where the barbecue and outdoor dining area is located. On the second level there are the bedrooms, each with bathroom and walk-in closet. Each area comes with its own cover, which protects from both sun and rain.


During the design stage, special attention was devoted to energy efficiency. The villa has been developed with a focus on bioclimatic architecture in order to achieve high comfort standards through the control of well-being and health parameters such as air and light, temperature and humidity. The orientation and correct exposure of each space based on its function together with the large glass surfaces have a direct influence on the parameters of air and light, thus allowing good ventilation, providing natural light in all rooms of the house and reducing the use of artificial lighting. A stretch of water that runs longitudinally through the entire house, connecting the entrance with the pool area, intervenes on internal humidity, helping cool the environment and reduce the use of air conditioning. The house is equipped with a system of collection and reuse of rainwater for the irrigation system of the green spaces and for wastewater disposal.


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