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"A car with a soul" conveys the full range of emotions that the Apollo IE embodies.

M.A.T. was tasked, based on the vision and design direction of the client, to engineer and build the first two Apollo IE prototypes on behalf of German manufacturer Apollo Automobil GmbH, pouring our know-how, passion and commitment into their development.

Its striking design language features unique organic lines and a granularity that few hypercars manage to achieve. The Apollo IE's aesthetics trigger intense emotions while serving an aerodynamic purpose.

Merging a GT-like sensory experience and cutting-edge technology, to drive the Apollo IE is to live an emotional rush that just escapes description.

In order to provide the desired driving experience, our team took it upon itself to develop a new all-carbon chassis and powertrain from the ground up in addition to the entirety of the body work. Afterwards it was necessary to come up with a completely new design for the vehicle's electronics. This is by no means an easy task, but we achieved it in record time thanks to the expertise of our technicians and the versatility of our manufacturing process. We paid utmost attention to detail during production of the Apollo IE, developing unique solutions for its gearbox and its braking system. Every choice was made with a clear objective in mind.

M.A.T. also took care of all homologation procedures for the vehicle lights and glazing, as well as integrating the finest materials into the Apollo IE's luxury interiors. Being a true superleggera, the Apollo IE is extremely lightweight and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds. Its old-school mechanical grip imbues the thrill of driving a real race car. Both prototypes were engineered and manufactured from scratch in less than 14 months, with incredible time-to-market and quality. To this day, the Apo IE is a noteworthy example of our manufacturing capabilities and productive flexibility to meet tight project deadlines.


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