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CULLINAN the Diamond

ROLLS-ROYCE CULLINAN is by far the most expensive SUV on sale today, as well as the first model of this type produced by the English company, in itself synonymous with luxury cars.

The style is classic, with the large grille in the shape of a Greek temple which adorns a squared and imposing front; in general, this SUV impresses with its powerful shapes, certainly not with its momentum. Perhaps in order not to do an injustice to some of its most loyal customers, the sheikhs, the manufacturer has not thought of an electric or a hybrid version: here, the propulsive energy is all obtained by burning petrol (in abundant quantities). Nonetheless, the mechanics are very refined and adopt modern solutions to guarantee the best compromise between comfort, performance and driveability (with the priorities set strictly in this order). The 6.7 V12 biturbo engine that powers all the brand's models unleashes enough horsepower to push such a colossus to 250 km/h (self-limited), which weighs more than three tons when fully loaded despite the light alloy body construction. In doing so, the twelve-cylinder does not let a single vibration filter through, and even pushed to the maximum its noise is limited to a "whisper". Traction is integral, all wheels are steered and the suspensions are pneumatic with electronic control (they raise the car by 4 cm on the roughest terrain and lower it by 4 when the doors are opened, to facilitate access) with active anti-roll bars ; grip and off-road qualities are guaranteed, provided you take into account the considerable dimensions, even in width. The passenger compartment is upholstered in lots of soft leather and with inserts in fine wood, or carbon fiber or any other material you may wish for: just ask (and pay); plastic peeps out right where you can't do without it. Access is via four doors with wardrobe opening, with the lower part descending to the underbody. In this way, the internal stop always remains clean and does not risk dirtying the legs of those who enter or exit. The boot features a tailgate with lower flap, with electric opening; the movement of the internal top, which can be positioned on two heights, is also electric. The Cullinan can be had with the classic three-seater reclining sofa (needless to say, electrically), or with two widely adjustable rear armchairs and a central bar cabinet. A glass separates the luggage compartment from the passenger compartment, further improving noiselessness.


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