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Jenson Button’s Lotus Evija is a tribute to his 2009 championship-winning Brawn

"Unleashing unparalleled power onto the roads, Lotus boldly announces the forthcoming delivery of the Evija, now perfected to deliver an astonishing 2,011bhp, outstripping its initially proclaimed 1,972bhp. Such an extraordinary display of power seems the perfect canvas upon which to immortalize one's pinnacle achievements, and racing legend Jenson Button has seized this opportunity with gusto.

As captured in the captivating images above, Button's iteration of the Evija pays a reverential tribute to his triumphant 2009 F1 World Championship-winning Brawn BGP 001. The exquisite amalgamation of Arctic White, Verve Yellow, and Carbon Black hues encapsulates the essence of Button's storied racing legacy.

Speaking with us at the grand unveiling hosted at The Quail, Button shares, “I've had the privilege of being deeply involved in the design process. Previewing the astonishing photos a few days prior was an exhilarating experience, but to witness this masterpiece in the flesh is an entirely different revelation. The sight is simply awe-inspiring."

The meticulous attention to detail in Button's Evija customization unveils further enchanting nuances. The charismatic number 22 graces the pop-out wing mirror cameras, a subtle nod to his enduring connection with the sport. Notably, each of Button's remarkable F1 triumphs is meticulously etched into the aluminum strip that embellishes the heart of the seats. The interior opulence continues its theme of contrast, blending white and black tones punctuated with vibrant lime accents adorning the pedals and air vent surrounds.

With palpable anticipation, Button reveals his forthcoming plans: “Later this year, I am set to fully embrace the ownership of this masterpiece. My abode in the United States shall serve as its home. The garage has been thoughtfully equipped with a lift to accommodate this beauty, alongside my cherished classics. This marks my inaugural modern hypercar and electric vehicle; a fusion of timeless elegance and cutting-edge innovation."

The collaboration between Button and Lotus teases even more delights on the horizon. “My garage shall soon welcome the anticipated Emira and Eletre,” Button coyly unveils. Delving deeper, he adds, “I have secured an order for the four-cylinder Emira, a decision driven by my wife's preference for an automatic. This model exudes a refined charm with its green exterior and tan interior.

"Yet, it is the Eletre that truly ignites my fervor. Designed to encapsulate luxury, performance, and family functionality, it promises an exhilarating journey with the entire clan. The Eletre effortlessly steps into the role of our family chariot, standing alongside my wife's G-Wagen. While the G-Wagen exud

es an air of invincibility, the Eletre reigns supreme in power and opulence. Naturally, I'm inclined towards the potent Eletre R, boasting an impressive 900bhp+."

In the realm of automotive excellence, Jenson Button's customized Evija stands as a testament to his indelible legacy and his seamless fusion of past glories with a future electrified. With every facet finely tuned, this automotive masterpiece bears witness to Button's enduring passion for performance, style, and innovation."


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