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The collector's mysterious home: art, nature and technology near the Principality of Monaco

"The luxurious home of the art collector, between Monte Carlo and the Ligurian Riviera"

A mysterious collector would have recently purchased a collection of works by artist Sankara, but his name and identity remain shrouded in mystery. It is only known that the businessman would be looking for a quiet place where he could relax and enjoy his precious acquisitions. After careful evaluation, the collector would have identified locals near the Principality the ideal place to build his summer residence. For this reason, he would have entrusted the design task to a designer, even asking to insert the purchased paintings in the renders to verify the final result.

The choice of location would not be accidental: the collector seems to have been struck by the charm of the pine forest that surrounds his future home, which will guarantee maximum privacy and protection from prying eyes. The house would have been studied in detail so as not to impact the surrounding environment and would be equipped with the best technologies on the market, with an advanced home automation system and biocompatible materials. Thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, which makes it self-sufficient from an energy point of view. It would include a spa and an open-air pool, where the water would be heated all year round, allowing the owner to enjoy the surrounding landscape even during the winter months.

Although his own identity has not been revealed, it is evident that man has a special attention to art and nature, trying to create a perfect symbiosis between the two. What kind of collection will the mysterious collector have purchased? And what is the real reason for his choice to build his summer residence on the Ligurian Riviera? These are just some of the many mysteries surrounding the life of the mysterious collector, whose name will remain unknown to the public, at least for the time being.


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