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Progetto Bolide

Welcome aboard our journey into the world of luxury and maritime innovation. Today, we will embark on a fascinating odyssey through the bluest waters of the world aboard an extraordinary motor yacht. This impressive vessel, measuring a whopping 72 meters in length, is a true icon of design and technology, with lines that seem to come straight from the future.

Revolutionary Futuristic Motoryacht 72 Meters

Enjoy the Video

Bolide arose from the joint desire shared by Tankoa and Exclusiva to take up a challenge: to break the mould of yacht design and trace hitherto unexplored routes. Like on a journey in which one departs for an ever-changing destination.

Dynamism is in fact one of the key concepts behind this knowingly ambitious project: while innovation remains a never-ending quest, careful study and painstaking research led to the creation of a concept in which feasibility is paramount, thanks to a series of pool trials guaranteeing the excellent technical performance of the craft.

Thanks to an interdisciplinary approach to yachting, the result of the joint strengths of the team and the know-how of Tankoa and Exclusiva, Bolide features a series of substantial innovations that visually translate into an expression of fluidity and dynamism through its shapes.

From the concept to the aesthetic details, the team of designers that worked on the project let themselves be inspired by the artistic movement that represents the cutting edge of 20th-century Italian art: Futurism.

A movement whose goal was to represent the dawn of a new era. The lines used for Bolide define a dynamic, fluid attitude, mindful of the key concepts of Futurism, meant as a desire to underline a status quo, to look elsewhere and to do so rapidly, with strength, courage and positivity. An attitude that, in a single concept, sums up the characterizing values of both Tankoa and Exclusiva.


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