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The Legacy Unveiled: A Pen Beyond Measure

Hailing from the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, Robert Louis Stevenson emerged as a literary luminary in 1850.

Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson Limited Edition 94 Fountain Pen / Price £.37.000

With an insatiable yearning for liberation and the allure of venturing into alternate realms, he wove essays, tales of far-off lands, and legendary adventures that etched unforgettable characters into the collective consciousness. Long John Silver, Captain Flint, Jekyll and Hyde - these names evoke an electrifying thrill among readers worldwide. The Montblanc Writers Edition pays homage to the mastermind behind these captivating narratives: Robert Louis Stevenson.

The Montblanc Writers Edition, a monument to his creative spirit, draws inspiration from the spellbinding narrative of "Treasure Island." Design elements resonate with the allure of a bygone era, evoking the essence of a historical, extendable spyglass. The silhouette of the writing instrument, along with the intricately crafted rings on the cone, transports one into the world of daring escapades and uncharted territories.

Intriguingly, the cap of the pen becomes a canvas for the embodiment of Long John Silver, the formidable figure aboard the Hispaniola. Through meticulous hand-engraving and lacquering, Silver emerges in all his enigmatic glory. His loyal companion, Captain Flint the parrot, takes flight in a gradient lacquer, their dynamic presence echoed on the very heart of the pen.

Stevenson's words echo around the crown of the cap: "UNDER THE WIDE AND STARRY SKY." This poignant line, inscribed in mirror-inverted lettering, reflects the dualities that Stevenson masterfully navigated in "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde." A subtle ode to his brilliance in examining the complexities of human nature.

The clip, reminiscent of a belaying pin securing a ship's rigging, pays tribute to seafaring adventures akin to the Hispaniola's voyage. Crafted in resplendent yellow gold coating, it bears testimony to the pen's maritime spirit. Intricately etched into the pen's body and clip, a stylized compass rose, a symbol of direction and exploration, glimmers in solid Au 750 yellow gold.

Embodying the core of Stevenson's legacy, his hand-drawn treasure map graces the Ag 925 sterling silver barrel. A treasure trove of adventure, this cartographic marvel encapsulates the essence of his narrative.

The pen's nib emerges as a tale in itself, harmonizing the essence of Stevenson's identity. Bearing the word "Tusitala," a name gifted to him by the Samoans, meaning "teller of stories," and graced by palm leaves symbolic of his beloved Pacific haven, this nib becomes a bridge between his identity and the islands that captured his heart.

In the Montblanc Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson, a pen materializes as more than an instrument. It becomes a passage to traverse history, an avenue to celebrate creativity, and a vessel to carry the enduring legacy of a storyteller whose tales echo through the ages.


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