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Services for Real Estate

The Best way for the success

We offers a wide range of real estate services that will help speed up sales, increase profits and provide clear customer service. With our state-of-the-art tools, we are able to provide a quick and easy solution to cover all your real estate needs.

Swipe the slider from left and right, you will see what the image looks like without furniture or the furnished render

Easy Home Staging

Easy, fast and affordable

We use the photos of the house and insert the furniture models in digital format.

Price : £100 / Photo


- Traditional 2D Photo

-VR360 (For Headset VR)

Digital Twin

Professional Scan of your Apartment

We create a digital twin of your property, through a professional scanner, returning a navigable model, floor plans and the automatic virtual tour.

Price : from £400


- smartphone, tablet , computer

-VR360 (For Headset VR)

Screenshot 2023-04-21 alle 22.44.43.png

Video VR

Professional Video Experience

Create a Promo video with a maximum duration of 120 seconds, using a professional camera.


Thanks to the presence of the seller during the filming, the video will be engaging for the user who can visit the property directly from the armchair at home.


Also ideal for operations in other countries. Thanks to the viewer you will be able to immerse yourself in dream homes in a few seconds.

Price : £2.000 / 120 sec.


- Traditional video

-VR360 (For Headset VR)

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