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"After a long wait, it's finally here. Those who hadn't heard of it before look at it with amazement, asking themselves, 'Is it true or just another prank by Elon Musk?' That's because good ol' Elon never sets limits on what he does or says. However, it must be said that ultimately, he's undeniably a brilliant mind, and we admire that.

The Cybertruck is truly an odd yet innovative vehicle in terms of its potential uses. Let's start with its design: it breaks all the rules of sleek and curvy lines that every designer typically pursues.

Superhuman Power

Not long ago, a powerful car was considered to have 200 horsepower. The Cybertruck surpasses 800HP. A beast. It has obliterated all the records of fashionable sports cars and SUVs.


Minimalistic, devoid of curves or luxurious materials. Steering wheel, seats, and that's about it.


Well, this is where imagination comes into play. With it, you can go to construction sites, load soil onto its bed, set it up like a camping tent, load it with skiing equipment—basically, there are no limits to its space and carrying capacity. The electrically operated bed cover is interesting; you can even walk on it. It piques curiosity to try it out and see it on the road outside the photoshoot set, parked next to traditional cars or in a household garage.

Meanwhile, let's enjoy the circulating images and videos."



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