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Dodgeball - Interview to Ike Ordor-

Whether you're a seasoned supercar enthusiast or a newcomer eager to experience the thrill of a lifetime, this rally promises an unforgettable journey.

MCI :Tell us about your business and your role

Ike: Starr Luxury is an On-demand, Global Market Leading Luxury Travel & Transport company. Our services include Luxury car hire, Jets & Yacht Charter. We have been in operation for over 7 years and we serve a plethora of well-travelled, UHNW clients, along with corporate institutions and Luxury brands. Beyond the transportation, we create unique experiences for our clients aligned with supercars.  

MCI : Summarize the Dodgeball experience in 5 words

Ike: Adrenaline-fueled, Exceptional, Hedonistic, Epic, Adventurous 

MCI : Who is the targeted audience of the Rally

Ike: The rally is for those of an exotic and jet-set-horsepower persuasion, For the adventurous traveller who likes to experience life in the fast lane and enjoys an immersive experience. It also aimed at our clients who truly love luxury cars and the lifestyle that is paired perfectly with living with supercars. 

Over the years, we've seen the increase in the number of enthusiasts who consistently participate in the rally.

MCI : What is the rally course

Ike: The rally always has a new route every year, and this year will be the 15th year of the rally returning to its original base, London. The 2024 rally begins in our vibrant city, setting on an exhilarating adventure that leads you to the renowned French region of Champagne. Your first day will be a celebration of luxury, speed, and fire living. As the sun sets over the picturesque Champagne vineyards, you’ll indulge in a gourmet experience, savoring exquisite French cuisine and world class wines. Your night will be spent in opulent comfort at a luxury hotel. making for an unforgettable start to your London Monaco expedition

As day 2 begins the excitement continues to build. Your journey will take you from Champagne, France to the stunning city of Geneva, Switzerland. Expect a day filled with breath taking scenic vistas as you navigate the roads in your supercar of choice. A luxurious lunch stop will provide a delightful interlude before you reach the captivating city of Geneva, known for its elegance and charm. A well-deserved dinner will be served, offering a chance to savor delicious cuisine and unwind after an exhilarating day of driving. Your night will be spent in the lap of luxury at a prestigious hotel, ensuring you rest in style before the next leg of your supercar adventure.

Departing from the elegance of Geneva, you'll wind your way through the Swiss and Italian Alps, experiencing dramatic mountain vistas and charming alpine villages. As you descend into the Italian Lakes region, you'll be greeted by the serene beauty of Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Garda, where crystal clear waters meet picturesque shore. This leg of your adventure promises a seamless blend of natural wonder and cultural allure as you explore the captivating Italian Lakes.

Bid farewell to the serene lakes as you embark on a thrilling journey through the scenic landscapes of Italy and the French Riviera

Your adventure culminates in the dazzling beauty of Monte Carlo, where the rally concludes in style. Get ready to celebrate and party in this luxurious and vibrant destination, making unforgettable memories to cap off your incredible supercar journey. 

MCI : Is the rally solely on regular roads or are there any track sessions? 

The rally for the drivers is mainly on regular roads, yet participants can still fully enjoy the power of their supercars. In the past, we've visited car marques who've offered track experiences as part of our itinerary. These experiences are only unveiled just before the pit stop.

MCI : Can participants use their own cars, or do they need to rent one from you?

Ike: Participants are certainly welcome to use their own cars, but most participants have found it convenient to rent from us, as we handle delivery and collection of the vehicles back to their respective locations as part of the price of the rental. Saves the hassle of participants have to worry about the drive back or shipping their cars back home

MCI : How many editions have been held so far?

Ike: The Dodgeball Rally is about to hold its 15th year. 

MCI : What kind of atmosphere do you feel during the race? Is it competitive or friendly?

Honestly, the atmosphere is indescribable, a sense of achievement after every day concurring the roads, it is quite frankly the most epic road trip you would ever steer. There are moments of competition, pushing the cars to get the best performance from them, but also making great headway on the routes, but at the end of the day we all converge on the rooftop or hotel terrace to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset. It’s beautiful and aligns the spirit. 

MCI : What makes The Dodgeball Rally so special?

Ike: Exclusivity is the keyword; this is what our clients seek. In fact, the number of participants is limited to 25 cars, offering a driving experience tailored to individuals embracing an everyday Jetsetter lifestyle. 

MCI : Normally, we tend to associate this type of rally with male drivers, but what about The Dodgeball?

Ike: We have a diverse mix of male and female drivers at our rally. In fact, we frequently have female influencers, celebrities, as well as regular women clients who thoroughly enjoy driving the supercars during the event. It's an empowering experience for them.

MCI : What type of experiences are offered during the rally days?


Last year, we went behind the scenes of Pagani Museum, and got to experience a behind the scenes tour and got to see a few of the hand-built vehicles in progress along with an immersive experience on their processes. Previous years, car marques have taken us on the track with one of their test drivers and really showed us the performance of their cars. The experiences are out of this world, along with the cuisine. We also stop at scenic landmarks and viewing points and get to take it all in. 


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