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Drawing from 50 years of design experience

Mohdern is an Italian-based furniture brand born from a desire to express the essence of design.

We aim to create iconic pieces that blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary and unorthodox twists. Our goal is to offer unique, unseen pieces of design that, while being playful and original, will also organically complement any interior.

At Mohdern, we focus on the use of top-quality materials, employing the finest Italian manufacturing techniques to create unique designs. Our furniture and accessories are made to order, allowing for high customization - from materials to finishes, and in some cases, even dimensions.

Every Mohdern product is proudly 100% Made in Italy.


Celebrating the art of relaxed sophistication, the Bold Armchair is a statement piece that embodies the spirit of modern design.

Excellence born from decades of expertise brings a touch of timeless beauty, elevating the art of design to new heights. A generously proportioned silhouette is accentuated by organic curves and fluid lines, creating a sense of inviting warmth.

BoldSofa CurvedOpen arms

With its modern design, this version of the Bold Sofa Curved opens up new dimensions of comfort, offering expanded space for ultimate relaxation.

Its fluid lines and organic curves, together with its open arms feature, further enhance the sense of spaciousness. Resulting from decades of refined design expertise, this is more than a piece of furniture; it is a transformative experience that invites to embrace the essence of luxurious living.


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