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iOS 17 Preview

Every day.

More extraordinary.

iOS 17 brings new features to enhance the things you do every day. Express yourself like never before when you call or message someone. Share content in convenient new ways. And do even more with new experiences for your iPhone.

Personalise your phone calls

Customise what people see when you call.


All your iMessage apps in one place Tap the new plus button to view all the things you send the most — like photos, audio messages and your location. Swipe up to view the rest of your iMessage apps.

Let your friend know when you arrive safely Check In automatically notifies your friend or family member when you arrive at your destination, such as your home.

Read an audio message transcription Audio messages are now transcribed, so you can read them at the time and listen later.

Siri results at a glance Siri takes StandBy to the next level with rich visual results that can be viewed from a distance. It’s now even easier to check the weather or set a timer hands‑free.


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