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The new Tacita Discanto model developed by the Italian company is ready to challenge the dunes in the "Dakar Future - Mission 1000" category reserved for vehicles with new technologies

Tacita, the 100% Italian motorcycle manufacturer of exclusive electric models, announces the participation of its TACITA FORMULA CORSA racing team in the next edition of the world's most famous rally raid, the Dakar 2024, in the "Dakar Future - Mission 1000" category reserved for the most innovative decarbonizing technologies, in particular hydrogen engines, fully electric or even hybrid. After a long testing phase that began in December 2022, the Turin-based company led by Pierpaolo Rigo will present itself for the second time with an absolute leading role, especially with regard to technological, innovation, and sustainability aspects.

From 5 to 19 January, the team's two Tacita Discanto will cross the desert, putting their extraordinary energy efficiency to the test in a real open-air laboratory. In fact, the technology created by Tacita is designed, developed, manufactured and tested for the most extreme environments before being made available for the public.

TACITA FORMULA CORSA will race with two bikes and a complete team of mechanics and electric and electronic professionals. With a new chassis and an innovative balancing of the battery packs with rebalanced weight distribution, the bikes weigh 180 kg and can reach a top speed deliberately limited to 150 km/h.

Tacita has developed a unique technology in the world related to batteries, which are equipped with a BATTERY SWAP system that allows replacement with charged batteries in a few minutes during the break granted in the race for refuelling. A system that allows to look to the future with the aim of making much longer stages at the "Dakar pace".

The Tacita Discanto, like all models of the Turin-based company, also differs from any electric motorcycle for other very important factors. Among the main ones: the five-speed mechanical gearbox, the liquid cooling for the engine and controller, and finally the battery management system (BMS).

TACITA FORMULA CORSA returns to the Dakar after an extraordinary debut in 2020, when its presence made it possible to write an indelible page in the history of this rally: the first ever presentation of an electric motorcycle in this competition. The tests carried out pushed the Tacita team to think big: to get to the full competition by 2024.

In addition to 100% electric vehicles, the TACITA FORMULA CORSA team will have a 100% "NO NOISE / NO CO2" race space, thanks to the presence of TACITA's T-STATION, a mobile and autonomous photovoltaic energy production and storage solution with solar panels, wind generators and hydrogen. This creates enough energy supply capacity to power the race space, and of course to recharge the batteries of the rally bikes.

"Tacita's is an exciting adventure – comments Luca Oddo, CEO of Tacita – And not only for the participation in the most difficult competition in the world such as the Dakar, but for the technological challenges that see us as protagonists. Like us, our investors had the courage, the spirit and the foresight to believe in a project that comes from far and that sees the values of sustainability and a better future merged into our brand. Innovation is our silent and discreet companion that accompanies us on this journey and that accompanies anyone riding a Tacita motorcycle," concludes Oddo.

The Tacita Discanto will be the Turin-based company's flagship model for 2025, while 2024 already sees the models currently in production, both road and off-road, almost sold out.An amazing result for the company founded in 2011 by Pierpaolo Rigo and his wife Dinamaria Ollino, respectively President and Vice President of Tacita, both motorcycle enthusiasts and with a dream to realize.

"We founded TACITA in 2011 - comment Pierpaolo Rigo and Dinamaria Ollino, respectively President and Vice President of Tacita - Since then, all the commitment and effort have been the tireless engine of continuous research and development that have led to today's technological results. There are many people who have collaborated with us for our project, all with great skills but above all with a great heart and to whom we want to say a big thank you. But what is there today for us is already in the past because together we are already exploring and developing new technologies and new ways to give the strongest emotions to those who love motorcycles, travel and adventure.


Tacita is a 100% Italian electric vehicle motorcycle manufacturer founded in 2011 in Poirino, in the province of Turin, by Pierpaolo Rigo and his wife Dinamaria Ollino to combine the riding pleasure that motorcyclists seek in a two-wheeler, both on urban and off-road roads, with the green philosophy.Thanks to the experience in extreme competitions such as the Dakar and the passion of its two founders, the company has developed a 100% made in Italy technology that has as its strengths: the five-speed mechanical gearbox, liquid cooling for motor and controller, interchangeable batteries and finally the battery management system (BMS).

With Tacita, travel becomes an important part of our daily experiences and innovation becomes the silent and discreet companion of every adventure.

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